The Real Node-LA White Papers 3-3-2024

Title: RealBucks White Paper

Introduction: RealBucks serves as the exclusive in-game currency within the Real Node LA metaverse, a groundbreaking virtual world situated on the El Sereno Los Angeles map. This white paper elucidates the functionality and purpose of RealBucks, emphasizing their role as a non-refundable gamer token designed to enhance user experiences and foster community engagement within the metaverse.

Overview of RealBucks: RealBucks are the digital currency utilized within the Real Node LA metaverse, operating within a Layer 2 framework specifically tailored for seamless transactions and interactions. Leveraging Layer 1 infrastructure provided by and underpinned by the EOS blockchain in Layer 0, RealBucks enable users to access and acquire various in-game assets and experiences.

Utility and Use Cases: RealBucks offer users a versatile range of applications within the Real Node LA metaverse:

  1. Community Store Purchases: RealBucks can be utilized to acquire items from the community store, including virtual assets, customization options, and community-contributed digital goods, enriching the user experience.

  2. In-Game Layer-2 Transactions: RealBucks facilitate transactions within the Layer-2 gaming framework of the metaverse. Users can acquire ground tiles, textures, fences, and trackside seating tailored for metaverse racing events, enhancing their immersion and enjoyment.

Key Features:

  • Non-Refundable: RealBucks are designed as non-refundable gamer tokens, ensuring the stability and integrity of the metaverse economy.
  • Comparison to Entertainment Tokens: RealBucks closely resemble the functionality of tokens commonly used in entertainment venues, such as those found in Chuck E. Cheese and Dave & Buster’s, providing users with a seamless and familiar means of exchange.
  • Compliance with Terms of Service: RealBucks adhere to the terms of service outlined by, ensuring alignment with platform guidelines and regulations.
  • Pre-Existing KYC Verification: All users of RealBucks undergo KYC verification through’s KYC program, enhancing security and trust within the metaverse community.


  • Non-Convertible to USD: RealBucks cannot be exchanged or sold for USD or any other fiat currency. They are exclusively intended for in-game use within the Real Node LA metaverse.

Conclusion: RealBucks serve as the backbone of the digital economy within the Real Node LA metaverse, enabling seamless transactions and fostering community engagement across various virtual experiences. With their robust features and compliance with industry standards, RealBucks are positioned as essential tools for enhancing the immersive gaming experience, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic virtual environment for all users.

For further inquiries or to explore the vast potential within the Real Node LA metaverse, users are encouraged to refer to the official documentation and community resources provided by, Animoca Brands, and The OMA3 Alliance. And remember, love God, love your neighbor.

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